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Oliver Ayerle is a professional photographer who brings the passion for

photography through all his life from childhood.

A camera was the preferred “toy” from 7 years old and at 14 after saving money

for a long period he bought his first SLR camera. All small and big things of everyday

life were on the focus of a little photographer.

The first serious challenge was aviation motorsports photography. He passionately

followed numerous air shows around the world learning about the history of the aircraft and having fun from shooting them.

After 10-15 years there were born new interests and experiences. He starts fashion, glamour and landscape photography and shoots different special events – marriages, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

In this list there were missing only product and architectural photography. And in this direction he wants to go now.

Oliver´s main activity is jewelry. He creates beautiful jewels with his own hands. So precision, attention to every small detail, an eye for beauty and infinite responsibility are his distinctive features and strength.

Today his creativity needs new sources of inspiration and his dream is to travel around the world as a photographer following his passion.

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